bespoke coaching

Get the tools you need to shift your behaviors in a practical manner – tools that are personalized for you and your life

you can IMPLEMENT CHANGE. I can help.

We’ll discuss your health and nutrition goals, the barriers you currently face and how I can help you implement sustainable change.

We’ll also go over my coaching packages to see which is the best fit for you. If you’re curious, you can preview them below.

What you get


75-minute intro session

A thorough nutrition and lifestyle assessment – we’ll discuss your health history, dietary intake, health goals and the current barriers you face


30-minute follow-up sessions

Focused sessions offering accountability and support to troubleshoot barriers


Unlimited email support between sessions

Have questions, concerns or simply need some encouragement? I’m here


Notes, goals and action items after each session

Post-session email recaps with notes and personalized resources to help you succeed

Coaching Packages

Bronze | Silver | Gold



An introduction to coaching.

Bronze – 1 month

Sometimes a kick start is all you need. Begin to shift your habits and build a new foundation.

This package includes an intro session and 3, 30-minute follow-ups



When you know you need a little more.

Silver – 3 months

Behavior change takes time. If you're looking to make long-term lifestyle shifts this package is for you. Get the support and accountability you need to shift your behaviors and reach your goals. 

This package includes an intro session and 11, 30-minute follow-ups



The ultimate level of personalization.

Gold – 3 months + home personalization + more!

Are you extremely busy and often running on low?

Is coffee your sole source of fuel until your 1pm lunch meeting? 

Have to be 1,000 places at once and 'what's for dinner?' is the last thing on your mind?

This is the package for you. 

A fully personalized home service for seamless integration with your life. This package will allow you to shift your behaviors and improve your health in an effortless manner.

Set yourself up for success – improve your environment, shift your behaviors, reach your health goals and maximize your potential.

It's time for you to thrive! [and feel great while doing it] 

Package includes everything above plus: 

– home visit for in-person initial 75-minute intro session
– 3 months of weekly, 30-minute follow-up sessions [11 sessions] to troubleshoot barriers
– kitchen makeover
– grocery shopping trip
– calendar integration for reminders and real-time ordering suggestions where and when you you dine
– assistance with online ordering for convenience and a well stocked kitchen
– communication with personal chef [if desired]

Option to incorporate family needs through batch cooking and meal prep with simple [family-friendly] recipes.

note: follow-up sessions to be conducted virtually


Have questions?

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Nutrition and Coaching Philosophy

Diets don’t work | Willpower is limited | Food should be enjoyed

I’m here to help you pull away from diet mentality and embrace a sustainable, holistic approach to nutrition and health. An approach that will encourage you to listen to your body, promote a positive relationship with food and encourage practical lifestyle shifts that you can sustain for years to come.

Behavior change takes time. That’s why my smallest coaching package is one month. You’ll likely be tempted back into your old habits and patterns until new ones replace them and become routine. I’ll be here to support you throughout your journey.


Meet Kelly

Hi! I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Food Studies. I take a holistic approach to nutrition and health, helping my clients implement sustainable behavior change to improve their life and relationship with food.


All coaching is done with Kelly Powers, MA, RD
All sessions are conducted virtually unless otherwise noted