52 weeks

Meal Plan Program + access to dietitian

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Do you find it hard to make time to wash your hair, let alone cook healthy meals?

Do you have the number of your favorite takeout spot memorized?

Or, maybe you can’t even remember the last time you were in your kitchen ... cooking a meal.

I get it. Life gets crazy. And we get so busy that we forget one of the most important things we can do for ourselves – nourish our bodies.

And I don’t mean by going on some diet, crazy cleanse or pre-packaged food whirl. I mean with real, whole foods.

That can change with 52 Weeks, a sustainable meal plan program developed by a dietitian.

Learn how to cook and eat healthfully, in your own kitchen ... in less time than it takes to order dinner and have it delivered. In fact, by the time you ordered delivery twice, 52 Weeks could help you cook a weeks worth of healthy meals – seriously, a weeks!

Meals in under 10 minutes all week


Meal prep can be boring and repetitive.
It can also foster an unhealthy relationship with food.

Let's change that.

52 Weeks four pillars of health

  1. Know what you’re eating [cook your own food]

  2. Eat whole foods [improved dietary intake → improved health status]

  3. Improve your relationship with food [intuitive eating, empowerment and improved self-efficacy]

  4. Make sustainable shifts in consumption [practical integration and sustainable behavior change]

Each week you’ll receive a complete step-by-step guide. Emails are delivered Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday.

Read below to see how 52 Weeks is structured


How It Works

Sunday = grocery shop + batch cook

Wednesday = batch cook

Monday – Friday = meals in under 10 minutes


Real-time access to Registered Dietitian


your comprehensive plan

Your personalized weekly plan includes:
– meal plan
– shopping list
– batch cooking instructions + recipes
– individual meal recipes

Your plan is tailored to include the meals you need. You have the option to include 15 meals + 10 snacks to cover meals for 5 days [M-F]

Your shopping list includes everything you need for the week ahead – ingredients and amounts


meal prep = batch cooK 2 x WK

Your batch cook guides include: 
– time-saving steps
– batch cook recipes
– items to be made at meal time
– built for your personalized plan

Batch cook twice a week for an hour or two

Recipes include grains, proteins, vegetables, fruit, sauces and dips – everything you need to quickly assemble meals throughout the week 


meals in under 10 min. m-f

Individual recipes include: 
– nutritional breakdown of dish
– recipe highlights
– recipe time

Individual meal assembly recipes – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks 

Nutrition Information

Currently, all 52 Weeks meal plans [breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks] are built at 1,600 calories a day. Snacks account for 15% of calories and meals cover the remaining 85%. Macronutrient breakdown of meals is 45% carbs, 30% protein and 25% fat [give or take 10%]. Please know all will balance out each week. More calorie options to come!


Why 52 Weeks?

You're busy and don't have time to cook – make weekday meals in 10 minutes or less

You need support – your plan comes with real-time access to the 52 Weeks Registered Dietitian

You care about what you put in your body – recipes are created by a Registered Dietitian, are whole-food-based and balanced

You want to reach your health and weight goals – your plan is built around your caloric needs

You like good food – recipes are simple, quick and delicious 

You like variety – recipes change each week to allow for variety and seasonality

You want to change your relationship with food – 52 Weeks will show you how to cook and eat in a practical, healthy manner [it's not a diet – it's a sustainable way to eat and live]


What people are saying 

I did a trial of Kelly’s 52 weeks program and it was amazing! There were so many delicious recipes that made me feel healthy and happy. I would recommend this program to those who have busy lives and want to start eating quality, healthy meals. This is a good way to regain your connection with food and receive support from a dietitian that truly cares about your well being.
— Jessica Kang, 36 [Graduate student]
52 Weeks opened my eyes – this program is not a diet. It taught me how to properly nourish my body in a way that fits my lifestyle.
— Casey Orchard, 30 [SF finance professional balancing her career, happy hour and trx]
Not only did the 52 Weeks recipes align with meals I enjoy, the education and discipline that Kelly brought completely shifted my mindset and eating habits almost instantly.
— Nancy Yeh, 32 [SF real estate agent balancing work and travel]
52 Weeks changed my outlook on meal prep – it went from being a chore to something I enjoy doing for myself.
— Melissa Lynch, 27 [entrepreneur balancing work, travel and the gym]

Coming soon: meal plans personalized based on caloric need, weight goals, dietary preferences, allergies, dislikes and medical conditions