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52 Weeks Reset Programs

Sometimes a reset or kickstart is all you need — and we’ve got you covered.

Instead of going on another restrictive diet or crash cleanse, give yourself the nourishment you need with real, whole foods.

The 52 Weeks Reset Program is a 4-week plan that’ll help you get back in the kitchen and shift your dietary habits. Plus, it’s something you can actually do — recipes are simple and they all come together in less than 10 minutes.

All 52 Weeks Reset Programs include:

  1. Weekly meal plans

  2. Weekly grocery shopping lists

  3. Bi-weekly batch cooking instructions

  4. Individual recipes for 60 meals covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  5. 40 snack pairings

This is a great opportunity to get back on track with your health and wellness goals. Plus, it’s sustainable — think lifestyle shifts and behavior change.

Offering seasonal resets for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer!

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52 Weeks Sample Plans

Curious about batch cooking and how 52 Weeks works?

Download one (or all) of our FREE 5-day sample plans complete with:

– 5 quick, healthy recipes ready to go in 10 minutes or less
– a shopping list for meals for the week, and
– a guide on "how to" batch cook for the week and what batch cooking even means

Try it free — offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The brunch series

Food undoubtedly provides our bodies with nourishment, but, here at 52 Weeks, we believe it does so much more. It’s a platform to build community, share love, and evoke conversation. It’s a simple pleasure that connects us to our bodies, the earth, and each other. Ultimately, it’s a vessel for connection.

And we’ve created The Brunch Series to help you do just that — to make it easy for you to build community around food. Use these free guides to bring together the women you want to spend time with — women you want to celebrate.

With our seasonal Brunch Series, you’ll have everything you need to throw the party you’ve been dreaming of — one you can host and actually enjoy.

Inside each guide, you’ll find …
– a seasonal menu complete with 52 Weeks approved recipes (think simple and delicious whole-food dishes you’ll prepare mostly the day before // some last-minute touches will leave your guests in awe)
– a prep-ahead batch seasonal cocktail
– a shopping list with everything you need
– a batch cook and prep-ahead guide, plus individual recipes
– a seasonal playlist

And best of all, it’s FREE. Gather your friends — let’s eat well together.



52 Weeks intends to support and empower those who are ready to flip diet culture the middle finger and finally learn how to cook and eat in a practical and sustainable way — by offering resources to support independent women who are ready to say enough is enough and reclaim their power around food.

Start right here, right now with our free guides, meal plans, and more.