52 Weeks – 12 month subscription

52 Weeks – 12 month subscription

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Batch cook on Sunday and Wednesday for meals in < 10 minutes Monday - Friday

Comprehensive, seasonal and whole-food based — this weekly meal plan comes with everything you need to get back in the kitchen and simplify your life

Your weekly plan includes
- meal plan personalized to your schedule and preferences (including allergies and dislikes)
- smart shopping list
- time-saving batch cooking instructions + recipes
- individual meal recipes for healthy, delicious meals in < 10 minutes
- support to help you get back in the kitchen and remove the confusion around ‘what to eat?’

Currently, all plans are built to 1,600 calories a day
Macronutrient breakdown is 45% carbohydrates | 30% protein | 25% fat

Note: caloric range and macronutrient breakdown are based on weekly average with a +/- 10% range

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