Eating Alone?

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Living alone? Roommates out of town? Finally a free night with no commitments?

Generally, we’re so concerned with ‘what’s for dinner?’ when we’re planning to feed others, eat with friends or dine out but what happens when we only have one mouth to feed – our own?

What happens when it’s just dinner for one?

The answer is often take out, delivery or throwing something together that we wouldn’t feed others. Often to eat while we work or watch TV. And, more often than not, we’re left feeling unsatisfied, tired, bloated and sick.

Why does this happen? Why do we allow ourselves to stress and try to navigate the kitchen for others but don’t consider it an option for ourselves? Do we not value ourselves enough? Do we not value food enough?

Many of us have lost our connection with food – let’s change that.

I’m on a mission to bring back meals for one.

Here are 10 secrets to amazing meals for one

  1. Put music on – make your time in the kitchen enjoyable [French Cafe on Pandora is great]

  2. Keep your kitchen and table clean – sounds like extra work and a bit unnecessary, right? But try it. Your environment impacts how you eat; clear an area for your meal before sitting down and I assure you you’ll feel more relaxed

  3. Take a deep breath [or three]

  4. Use utensils and real plates [even with take-out or delivery] – a simple swap that will allow you to be more present and find more pleasure with your meal. It’ll also help with portion control ;-)

  5. Plate your meal as you would for a lover or friend – you eat with all your senses, including your eyes

  6. Sit and eat – as tempted as you may be, don’t stand and eat over the sink

  7. Don’t watch TV while you eat and try not to work – remember, this is time for YOU. Be present. Be mindful. Maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine

  8. Take the time to eat – a large part of digestion comes from your awareness of your meal, slow down and take your time with it

  9. Savor the moment – the peace and quiet. The food. Your work in the kitchen. This time doesn’t come often, enjoy it

  10. Skype or FaceTime with a distant friend or family member – have dessert and a cup of tea together // it’s a great way to catch up with loved ones

When you’re done, leave the music on and take a bath or do something that makes you feel good. Create a life you want – a life you enjoy.

Remember, you need to take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you. You work your ass off. You deserve it.