What is 52 Weeks?


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52 Weeks everywhere

What is it?

52 Weeks is a comprehensive meal plan program that will help you to reclaim your diet and improve your relationship with food. It'll allow you to make beautiful, balanced meals for yourself M-F in under 10 minutes! 

All materials are provided – meal plans, weekly shopping lists, batch cooking instructions + recipes for meal assembly. Essentially, everything you need to simplify your life and improve your diet. 

Who is 52 Weeks for?

52 Weeks is for driven, independent professionals with a busy schedule. It's for those balancing a career, friends, family, travel, dating and who knows what else. It's for people who care about what they put in their body. 

What is so special about 52 weeks? 

It's made for you – tailored to your nutritional needs, health and weight goals, dietary preferences and schedule. It'll allow you to eat well while saving you time. 

Why did you create 52 Weeks?

I created 52 Weeks in hopes of helping others improve their relationship with food and ultimately themselves. I'm very comfortable in the kitchen and 52 Weeks allows me to combine and share my appetite for food, nutrition knowledge and culinary skills. 

I’m a big believer that food is a platform for sharing love. With all the fad diets, cleanses and food trends out there I wanted to create a safe space that would promote self-love and a sustainable way of eating. 

52 Weeks is a culmination of many projects I'd worked on in the past – meal plan and recipe development, the psychology of food consumption and food tech.

How can 52 Weeks help me?

I know how busy life can get – 52 Weeks will allow you to create beautiful, healthy, balanced meals in under 10 minutes all week. 

How can I get started?

Simply click the 'join the waitlist now' button below. 

Once the service is live and you join, you'll receive weekly step-by-step guides to save time and improve your relationship with food. 

You'll also get your 52 Weeks starter guide. The guide will help you prepare your space before you begin. Don't worry – it's nothing serious and won't take long. It's essentially a break down of what batch cooking is, suggestions on how to best use your time and how to stock your pantry so you have the staples you need. 

What can I expect?

A lot of support and everything you need to make practical changes in your diet. Speaking of diet, I want you to know this isn't a new, trendy diet, cleanse or crash program. It's about shifts in behavior and creating a life you can maintain. We build upon success and navigate barriers together. 

With 52 Weeks, you'll get everything you need to improve your diet and tackle the confusion around 'what to eat?'

What is batch cooking?

Batch cooking is a great tool for meal prep. It allows you to easily assemble meals when you're pressed for time. Generally, we'll batch cook or prepare a few complex carbs, 1-2 proteins and some fruit and vegetables. A few sauces, spreads and dips will round out the process and allow for variety throughout the week.