How to Stay Healthy When You Travel (stateside or abroad)


Enjoy your holiday

Without derailing your daily efforts

I just returned from Italy – lighter and more toned than when I left.

Yes, I walked a great amount. Yes, I had no stress in my daily life. BUT … I ate out every day, had gelato three days in a row and missed my daily workouts.

You may be wondering how I was able to carelessly indulge, all while leaving a few pounds behind when I returned home.

Let me tell you ... 

Here are my TOP 5 tips for staying healthy when you travel:

  1. Do your research – into yoga? Find a local studio before taking off. I attended a great yoga class in Florence, and finding myself on my mat 1/2 way through my trip was incredible. Like to run? Hit up a local Nike or Lululemon and attend their run club. They are free and a great way to see the city you are visiting in a different light. It's also be a great way to meet locals! If you’re looking for solo walks and runs ask your concierge for routes when you check in. Your hotel may have a gym, and you should be able to find out on their website or by calling them. Many hotels offer passes to local gyms if they do not have one of their own.

  2. Plan, plan, plan – staying in one place for a while and interested in having a kitchen? Book an Airbnb. I stayed at two Airbnb’s on my trip. It was very comforting to visit the market and make some of my meals at my temporary home. It allowed me to control what I put in my body, which is key in reaching any health or weight goals. I was also able to have most of my breakfasts at home before heading out for the day. It was nice to keep my morning routine in Italy similar to my mornings in San Francisco –– it was familiar and it set me up for success each day.

  3. Pack for success – here’s my go-to list: walking/running shoes, 2 complete workout outfits, individual protein powder packets, protein shaker, individual nut butter packets, granola bars or nuts, and dried fruit [pick up yogurt at the market and you have a great breakfast = yogurt, nut butter, dried fruit, and a crumbled granola bar] – you can even do this in a hotel with the small fridge + glass for a bowl. Many of these items are nutrient and calorie dense so remember to keep your portions in check. Have other staples in your diet? Bring them!

  4. Don’t stress – you’re on vacation … be on vacation. Walk. Look up. Look left. Look right. Slow down. Have a two-hour lunch. Sit on a bench and people watch. Do whatever works for you. When you stress less you can enjoy life and simple pleasures more. Cultivate gratitude –– it works wonders.

  5. Always pack a snack – don’t get hangry at the base of the Eiffel Tower or on the beach in Bali … have a snack with you at all times. This is something I live by [on vacation or not]. Grab something quick from the local market or pack one of the bars you brought 7,842 miles with you. Shoot for protein + carbs. Remember, preparation is key. Don’t let your hunger take over your trip. Plan accordingly.

    I’ll leave you with this … “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Agustine

    Where will you go?