How to Stay Active When You Work All Day


Ways to Move your body

Even when you can't hit the gym

Leading a healthy life does not solely depend on spending an hour at the gym each day. Yes, it is important to sweat once a day, but we often get caught up in this idea that exercise can only happen at the gym. And, let's face it - some days we just can't make it.

So, what can you do to remain active when you work all day?

Read below for practical tips to keep your activity level up when you can't hit the weights or make your 5 p.m. spin class ... 

  • Stand – as much as you can. You are more likely to walk around and move if you are not sitting stagnant in a chair. In fact, stand whenever you can, at work or not

  • Use a medicine ball in place of a chair – keep your core engaged and work on your balance throughout the day

  • 3 pm coffee and pastry run? How about a walk with your coffee and a co-worker instead? [and treat yourself to good coffee beans // trust me, you won't need the high calorie creamer + excess sugar if you do]. Swap the sugary pastry for a little endorphin hit and you'll likely feel much better at 5 o'clock

  • Take the stairs ... work those glutes

  • Use technology to your advantage and invest in a smart watch or band ... many of them will alert you when you haven't been moving enough or hitting your daily goal. Sometimes a little reminder is all you need! Knowledge is power, my friends

  • Lunch time yoga anyone? Yoga is great for your body and mind. It will leave you rejuvenated with a clear head, and you will be ready to conquer the afternoon. It will also lengthen your muscles without leaving you drenched in sweat // win win

  • Get the whole team involved! Workout buddies are the best [mine quickly became my best friend] and they are a great for accountability! See if you can hold a friendly competition or create a reward system as initiative

You'll be happier, healthier and more productive if you take time to move your body. 

Remember, small adjustments are all it takes for a healthy life!


Image courtesy of @yehitsnancy [IG]