Salmon with roasted broccolini and sweet potato


Batch cook roasted sweet potatoes – A delicious root vegetable that will increase your intake of fiber, beta-carotene and vitamins

Batch cook roasted broccolini – A quick cooking vegetable that is rich in calcium, iron and folate

Batch Cook Pan Seared Salmon – A protein high in omega-3 fatty acid that contributes to healthy brain, heart and joint function 


– 1/2 roasted sweet potatoes
– 1/2 roasted broccolini
– 1/2 pan seared salmon 


1. Follow batch cook instrutions

Nutrition Information

Calories: 462
Carbs: 32 g
Protein: 32.6 g
Fat: 22.9 g

*nutrition information for baked cod in place of salmon – Calories: 383 | Carbs: 32 g | Protein: 24.6 g | Fat: 14.4 g

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Kelly Powers